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Supported Employment Services are utilized to provide assistance with choosing/matching, acquiring/finding, development and initial job training for participants ages 16 and older for whom viable employment had not been achieved and/or has been sporadic or intermittent.  Supported Employment (individual and group) is conducted in a variety of settings, particularly work sites in which persons without disabilities are employed.  Supported employment includes activities needed to sustain paid work by persons served receiving waiver services, including supervision and training.  Supported employment services consist of paid employment for persons for whom competitive at or above the minimum wage is unlikely, and who , because of their disabilities, need intensive ongoing support to perform in a work setting.  This does not prohibit a person served in any way from being paid at or above minimum wage. A transition plan is to included in the PCP to alleviate the reliance on Supported Employment to move toward utilization of Long Term Vocational Supports.


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