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Crisis is defined as a period of time in which the person served is experiencing uncertain, difficult, or challenging situations which require additional supports to enable the person to remain in the community. Crisis services are used in this type of situation to give the planning team an opportunity to review the situation and develop strategies for de-escalating the crisis and supporting the person served and/or caregivers. Crisis services are not used in situations that are routine for that person served and in which a second staff is typically needed to address the situations.

Crisis Services are used to provide one additional staff person who is trained in behavior techniques, the person centered plan and crisis plan of the person served, to provide services for the person served, as needed, during an acute crisis situation so that the person served can continue in his/her daily routine and /or residential setting without interruption.

Crisis Services is an immediate intervention available, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to support other direct care staff, family members or primary caregivers. Paradigm intends to provide this service in order to avoid imminent institutional admissions and to protect the person served from harming themselves or others. Paradigm's crisis services staff will support the implementation of the crisis intervention element/crisis plan of the formal behavior intervention program developed by a licensed psychologist.


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