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Psychosocial Rehabilitation
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Paradigm will utilize the service of psychosocial rehabilitation to assist adults with psychiatric disabilities to increase their functioning. To assist them in being successful and in environments of their choosing with the least amount of ongoing professional intervention. Also to provide opportunity and activities to promote skill development, to provide educational services, and pre-vocational training to persons with severe and persistent mental illness.
Services are essentially designed to serve individuals who have impaired role functioning that adversely affects at least two of the following:

  • Employment;
  • Management of financial affairs;
  • Ability to obtain needed public support services;
  • Appropriateness of social behavior; or
  • Activities of daily living

Assistance is provided to persons in organizing and developing their strengths and in establishing peer groups, community relationships and social capital. Paradigm will utilize psychosocial rehabilitation as a service whose focus is on achieving recovery through:

  • Equipping persons served with skills;
  • Emphasizing self -determination (independence and autonomy);
  • Teaching people to utilize natural and community supports;
  • Provision of individualized interventions when appropriate;
  • Emphasizing employment, and the "here and now";
  • Providing early intervention;
  • Providing a caring environment;
  • Practicing dignity and respect for self and others
  • Promoting a person's choice and involvement in the process;
  • Emphasis on functioning and support in real world environments; and
  • Allowance of time for interventions to have an effect over the long term.

Services may be performed in groups providing individualized interventions as needed.

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