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Services at Paradigm are coordinated amongst our Program Director and the Qualified Professionals who are in charge of each person's treatment/habilitation plan or their case management.

Paradigm encourages participation of the family or legally responsible person. One way this is accomplished is by providing each person served with opportunities to visit with family at the home or outside the home out in the community or homes of their family members. This helps to promote continued relationships. Paradigm will report to the family member or legally responsible person no less than annually to review the person's progress towards meeting their goals.

Person's served will be involved in program activities which are based upon their individual interests, needs and treatment/habilitation plan. These activities will be designed to foster community inclusion and the building of their own social capital. Choices of activities may be limited if the court or legal system is involved or if the activities threaten the health and safety of the person served.

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