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Quality Improvement
Survey - Person Served
Overall, how satisfied are you with Paradigm's services
List areas that can be improved and possible recommendations for their improvement:
Have there been positive changes/improvements in your life since receiving services from Paradigm?
Please feel free to provide suggestions as to how we could make more of a positive impact or change:
Are you satisfied with the staff working with and supporting you at Paradigm?
If No, please explain:  
Do you feel that the staff who work with you display a positive attitude toward you and your supports?
If No, please explain:  
Do you feel that you have ever experienced any type of abuse or neglect while under Paradigm's care?
If Yes, explain:  
If living in a residential home with Paradigm, how satisfied are you with the security of the home and supervision by staff members?
How satisfied are you with the treatment that you are receiving at the residential home from staff members and others who live in the home?
Do you feel comfortable talking with staff members about any issues and/or concerns that you may feel displeased with regarding your care?

Do you feel that you are receiving the appropriate amount of services to meet your needs?

How satisfied are you with the amount of freedom, privacy, and personal time/space that you are allowed within the home?
How satisfied are you with the house rules and policies that are being used to add structure to the home environment?
Any suggestions/proposed changes?  
When you are visited by friends and loved ones, how satisfied are you with the space and privacy provided?

How satisfied are you with your ability to access your personal property and finances?

Do you feel that things are explained to you in a manner that you can understand?
If No, please explain:  
Do you feel that you are involved in enough activities?
If No, what would you suggest?  
Do you feel that you are safe in the environment that you live, work, or go to school?
Are you satisfied with where you live?
I chose Paradigm for services because of (circle any that apply):

If Other, Please provide services:  
I have been with Paradigm for:
What do you like about Paradigm:

If Other, Please provide reason:  
In what way are you most satisfied with Paradigm?
What area do you feel needs the most improvement at Paradigm?
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