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Paradigm was conceived out of the idea of providing the best services we could for individuals in the community with mental illness and/or intellectual disabilities and to provide services to a population which was under-served in our community.  Through our experience working in the hospital behavioral health setting, we had witnessed instances in which people were admitted/committed for reasons that were preventable.  Also we noted that there were times when a patient would be stabilized, but would end up experiencing a prolonged hospital stay due to problems with finding placement in the community for that person.  

Our focus was to help fill an apparent need for more options for placement and to utilize our experience to help avoid unnecessary hospitalizations through provision of therapeutic measures.   

In 2002, we became an official company and opened the doors to our first residential home for adults with Intellectual disabilities and mental illness.  If not for help from family, friends and most of all, God's grace, we would not have made it through that first year.   The same holds true today. 

In 2006, we added community intervention services, which allowed us to provide services outside of the residential setting and in other areas of the community.  By this time we realized that the mental health system is ever changing and evolving and we as a company had to change and evolve with it.  Meanwhile, Paradigm continued to grow!

In 2008 we opened our second residential site! Also during that same year we settled into a new location for our administrative offices.  This location was larger and set to be utilized to provide day program services such as Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) and Day Supports.  We also gained a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has allowed Paradigm to provide clinical assessments and individual therapy to those who are in need of those services.

On September 11, 2009, Paradigm was elated to achieve National Accreditation status with "The Council on Quality and Leadership" or CQL.  CQL accreditation has proven to be an asset to our company in many ways and helps us to continue providing high quality, evidence based, person centered services. This accreditation remains active today.

In 2011 Paradigm opened its third residential site and in 2012 we acquired a fourth residential site all dedicated to providing for the care, well being and self improvement of adult individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.

Finally in July, 2014, Paradigm once again relocated to a new address out of the necessity for more space!  We are thrilled to be in our new space which includes an entire suite (nearly 3000 sq. feet) solely dedicated to the aforementioned day programs.  Paradigm continues to grow and strives to reach more people who can benefit from these services.  Our work goes on, it does not end as we seek to, at all times, carry out the vision of this company, the provision of Equal opportunity for empowerment and improvement for all people and therefore society as a whole.

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