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Respite Care is a periodic service which provides relief for the family or primary caregiver from the stress of caring for the person served and is detailed in the Person Centered Plan.  This service allows the primary caregiver to meet or participate in planned time for themselves and/or family members. For someone to be considered as the primary caregiver, they must be chiefly responsible for the care and supervision of the person served, and also must sustain their primary residence at the same address as the person being served.  Respite may be provided in the person’s home or in an out-of-home setting which is inclusive of overnight, weekend care, emergency care (family emergency based, not to include out of home crisis) or continuous care up to ten (10) consecutive days.   There must be clear justification outlined within the Person Centered Plan for Respite Care Services.  Specific training necessary for direct care staff must be clearly documented within the Person Centered Plan for the job that will be performed for Respite Care Services.

This service includes transportation from the persons residence to points of travel in the community.


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