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Quality Improvement
Survey - Referral Sources and Stakeholders
Mission and Purpose
I understand the mission and purpose of the organization
The quality of services is important to this organization
This organization maintains high quality of standards
This organization constantly looks for ways to improve services
The supervisor treats all employees fairly and with respect
Management is consistent when administering policies concerning employees
I respect the leaders of this organization
Management leads by example
I respect my supervisor as a competent professional
I am confident that the leaders of this organization know what they're doing
Management demonstrates strong leadership skills
My supervisor(s) treat me with respect
My supervisor(s) listen to what I have to say and value my opinion
My supervisor and/or the organization I work for values my talents and contributions I make to the organization
Job satisfaction is a priority for management
Management is genuinely interested in employee opinions and ideas
Is information and knowledge shared openly within this organization
Is communication encouraged in this organization
My supervisor does a good job with sharing information
Senior management communicates well with the rest of the organization
I can disagree with my supervisor without fear of being written up, suspended or terminated
I am comfortable sharing my opinions at work
Do you feel that information is relayed to you in a timely manner
Workplace and Resources  
Is your workplace safe
I have adequate opportunities for professional growth within Paradigm, Inc.
My supervisor is actively interested in my professional development and advancement
My work is challenging, stimulating and rewarding
This organization supports a balance between work and personal life
The organization's policies for promotions and/or advancement are fair
Favoritism is not an issue concerning promotions
The organization I work for respects all of its employees
Teamwork and cooperation is strongly encouraged in this organization
I have the resources I need to do my job well
Are you satisfied with this organization's open door policy
Do you feel that this organization respects your rights as an employee
Performance and Accountability  
I received adequate training to complete my job appropriately
I am encouraged to learn from my mistakes
The amount of work I am asked to complete is reasonable
Poor performance is effectively addressed throughout the organization
Management is held accountable for achieving results
The organization I work for has high performance standards
Employees are held accountable for the quality of work they produce
Employees are held accountable for achieving results and meeting expectations
I am given adequate feedback about my performance
Performance evaluations are fair and appropriate
My supervisor gives me praise and recognition when I do a good job
I receive useful and constructive feedback from my supervisor
I am paid fairly for the amount of work I do
Overall, How satisfied are you with Paradigm as your employer?

What areas as an employee are you most satisfied with?

What areas as an employee are you least satisfied with?  

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